The campaign

The initiative #siamosullastessabarca (#weareonthesameboat), is Comitato's campaign for the 6th “Day of Remembrance and Reception” -an event for asylum seekers - taking place in Lampedusa that this year will bring more than 60 schools from almost 20 EU Countries.

The boat stops reflect a symbol of migration and becomes a metaphor for a world where we are first and foremost human beings.

The initiative was created to fill the void and the sense of discouragement by actively engaging public opinion, in particular the youngest generations, for them to become drivers of long-lasting change through dialogue and mutual exchange.


On March 16th 2016, the Italian Senate approved the Comitato's draft law for the creation of the “Day of Remembrance and Reception”, aiming at creating memory and a culture oriented towards information and reception.

The “Day of Remembrance and Reception” is celebrated every year on October 3rd and it involves different municipalities, local communities, several associations and NGOs and, in particular, numerous schools throughout Italy.

Remembrance and awareness-raising activities include the direct participation of refugees, survivors and relatives of the shipwreck of October 3rd 2013 and of other disasters at sea.

Dal 30th September to 3rd October 2020, in occasione della sesta Giornata della Memoria e dell’Accoglienza, il with the project “Lampedusa Porta d’Europa”, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, University and Research, Lampedusa and Linosa municipality, G. Marconi High School (Pesaro) and the support of Compagnia San Paolo.

Tutte le informazioni sull’edizione 2020:


Since 2014, the project has involved more than 800 students from 150 schools and 20 EU countries.

Interactive Map with the schools involved in the "Day of Remembrance and Reception" from 2015 till today


The project is supported by prominent associations, including Doctors without Border (MSF), Amnesty International, UndeRadio (Save the Children), the National Association of Civil Victims of War, the Association Carta di Roma, the Jesuit Refugee Service, the Italian Relief Corps of the Order of Malta, the Legambiente Circle Lampedusa, Esther Ada, the International Organization for Migration (OIM) and the UNHCR.


On the days before the remembrance ceremony, student from Italy and Europe gather in Lampedusa to participate In seminars, workshops, concerts and documentary screenings on the following topics:

  • Migrations
  • Human rights
  • Racism and discrimination
  • Migrants and refugees’ rights (especially the rights of the minors)
  • Rescue at sea
  • Practices linked to reception and the institution of asylum


Are you a volunteer, a journalist, an activist, a student or a teacher? Let us know how you would like to support our activities and we will get back to you as soon as possible.