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We offer school training activities across Italy and several countries of the European Union throughout the year to create dialogue opportunities between students and migrants. Each year, we share the testimonies of migrants with the schools and bring students to Lampedusa Island, which is the symbol of migration in Italy.

So far, we have engaged 55,000 students from 230 European schools!

Our work revolves around the belief that sharing information and raising awareness on migration topics can be the first fundamental step towards changing the current European policies.

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Remembrance and Reception Day

From September 30th to October 3rd, 2021, Comitato Tre Ottobre and many students from all over Europe will, once again, be back on Lampedusa Island with
the project “Siamo sulla stessa barca” (We are in the same boat).The event will offer four days of activities on the island to strengthen awareness and spread information among the students on migration, global interdependence, human rights, cultural integration, and reception.

The “Siamo sulla stessa barca” (We are in the same boat) aims at engaging students in activities focused on the culture of reception and integration, which – in turn – rely on the respect for human rights and the value of our cultural differences.
For this reason, we promote the dialogue between students and migrants in the highly symbolic place of Lampedusa. The shipwreck of October 3rd, 2013, is just one of the many tragic episodes that occurred in the sea surrounding the island.
Nevertheless, Lampedusa embodies a community that made active efforts to support, help, and rescue the migrants in difficulty from the sea. That is why Lampedusa Island is a place that allows students and teachers to go back home enriched by a cultural and knowledge background and be able to share it among their close relatives, friends, and acquaintances.