On January 23rd 2018, the Comitato Tre Ottobre, the MIUR (Italian Ministry of University, Education and Research) and the foundation Cittalia* signed a memorandum of understanding that opens the doors to the schools and the SIPROIMI**’s infrastructures, aiming at the creation of opportunities of inter-cultural exchange and reciprocal understanding between young students and migrants. An encounter of stories, lives and cultures that may be able to raise consciousness about the Italian migrants reception system and to promote the understanding of the Other through self-narration paths.

Cittalia is a branch of ANCI (National association of Italian cities and municipalities) dedicated to research and study activities on issues of major interest for Italian Municipalities.

SIPROIMI (ex-SPRAR) is the new acronym for the reception and integration programme for beneficiaries of international protection and unaccompanied minors (NdT).